The Riverside Friends of the Fourth would like to extend a thank you to all who made this year’s festivities memorable. This our 10th year, the Friends of the Fourth could not continue to put on a celebration without the help of many.

To Ron Malchiodi and the staff at the Recreation Department, you are the best and kept everything working. To the police and fire departments, the staff at public works, the village administration and board and to all who volunteered your time, thank you.

To those who give so generously and have made it possible to have our July 4 Party in the Park, the best around, thank you. To our parade participants, vendors and those who line the curbs to cheer as the parade passes by, thank you. A salute to Old Glory and the people of Riverside for helping to keep this hometown tradition alive.

You truly are Friends of the Fourth. Thank you.

JoAnne Kosey, Joe Ballerine, Andy Daun, Danny Jisa, Rey Navarro and Ben Sells

Friends of the Fourth