Interesting week. Seems I have a rotator cuff problem, and I needed a shot in my trigger finger. Almost makes me sound like an athlete. 

However, rather than complaining about the pain, which I couldn’t “walk off,” I went to Orthopedic Associates of Riverside and was directed by Dr. Anderson (he’s the podiatrist) to see Dr. Ho the orthopedic doctor. 

So after an x-ray, an MRI and a shot in my trigger finger, I think I am going to be good for a few more years. Dr. Ho remarked how he was surprised that I talked all the while he was giving me the shot. Obviously he doesn’t know me, but I explained it diverted my attention from the pain that he was inflicting upon me. 

Don’t ask how these things happen to me, since I don’t throw a ball and I have never shot a gun. Dr. Ho was polite enough not to attribute it to age.

But on the fun side of my life, I bought a hat. It is a small-brimmed straw hat with a dark band and I like it. I also like to think I am rockin’ it.

Time was hats for men and women were an important part of the wardrobe, with milliners and haberdasher stores to accommodate the look. That also was when women had to have their heads covered in church and men were to remove their hats.

Hats today are mainly ballcap styles and are worn all the time, everywhere. I don’t know how you feel, but I don’t think hats should be worn at the dinner table, whether at home or in a restaurant — guy or gal. We all know somebody like that. 

Yes they can protect you from the elements and a bad hair day but they also send a message, reflect allegiances to any place or anything. Age or gender doesn’t matter because people who wear caps seem to have a wardrobe of them. We have almost been late leaving the house while Husband Joe decides which cap he is going to wear. 

“Grab the one on the dining room table and let’s get going!”

A tip of my hat goes to David Pollard on his nice comments about Jacob Palka and me on our commentary of Riverside’s Fourth of July parade. 

All hot air? The hot air balloon event planned for last Saturday in Big Ball Park was scrapped for a second time, but the new target date is Saturday, Aug. 10. 

Riverside, are we ready for liftoff? Hope so.