Tax dollars meant for education are going to lawyers’ fees in a lawsuit between Lyons Township High School District 204 and a separate government agency called Township Trustees of Schools. 

This little-known agency manages and invests tax revenue for District 204 as well as its feeder elementary schools, Western Springs 101, LaGrange 102, Lyons 103, LaGrange 105, Highlands 106 and Pleasantdale 107.

The Township Trustees of Schools has spent $2,290,000 in litigation fees in bringing this lawsuit. Those costs have been passed on to the school districts it services.

District 204 has spent $500,000 defending the lawsuit.

That is a total of $2,790,000 education tax dollars that are lost forever in legal fees.

The lawsuit arose from the poor management of a previous treasurer of the agency, Robert Healy. The agency and District 204 disagree on the billing and payments during his tenure. 

Healy defrauded the agency and, therefore, the school districts it services of $1,500,000 during his tenure which ended in 2012. The agency had to spend $490,000 in legal fees during that investigation and trial. Only $1,103,500 was recovered.

No matter who “wins” this current lawsuit, the taxpayers in Lyons Township lose. The $2,290,000 in litigation fees are coming out of District 204’s budget and the elementary school districts’ budgets.

The Township Trustees of Schools Board and the High School District 204’s Board should settle this lawsuit now and stop the waste of our tax dollars.

Kathleen Graffam

Indian Head Park

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