In the wake of the board of trustees’ first look at whether or not to allow the sale of recreational cannabis to adults when it becomes legal to do so next year, the village of Brookfield is asking residents to complete a brief online survey to let officials know how they feel.

The three-question survey, e-blasted to those subscribing to the village’s email notification service, will be live only until Friday, Sept. 6. Village Manager Timothy Wiberg said he would like to compile the survey results so they can be available to the village board when they meet again on Sept. 9.

Trustees are expected to continue their discussion on whether to prohibit or regulate the sale of recreational cannabis at that meeting.

“Is it going to be statistically significant? No,” Wiberg said. “I view this as part of one piece of information the board is considering on this issue.”

In order to prevent the online equivalent of ballot box stuffing, the village’s survey allows just a single submission per device. While recognizing that many people have access to multiple devices from which to submit answers to the survey, this was the best officials could do on short notice, said Wiberg.

“We’re not NASA,” Wiberg said. “But we didn’t want someone to use one device and just continuously hit ‘send.'”

The survey, which uses the Survey Monkey online tool the village has used for other input-gathering efforts, is basic. It asks one simple yes-no question on whether the submitter supports the sale of recreational cannabis, another that asks for an explanation of that position, and a third that asks the submitter to identify whether he or she is a resident, non-resident, business owner or “other.”

The survey can be found by clicking here.