A 25-year-old Riverside man sustained serious injuries after he jumped on the hood of a moving rideshare vehicle, rolled off the hood and was run over during a drunken altercation in the 500 block of Selborne Road about 5 a.m. on Sept. 13, according to Riverside police.

Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said the man suffered leg, knee, arm and shoulder injuries and was hospitalized at Loyola University Medical Center until late on Sept. 15.

There were at least four other people involved in the altercation, which spilled out into the street from a Selborne Road home, and all of the people involved were highly intoxicated, police said.

Just outside the home, the altercation started to get physical, and a 29-year-old Melrose Park man allegedly threw a punch at another individual, but missed and drove his hand through the glass front door of the house. He was taken to MacNeal Hospital for treatment; afterward he was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property.

No one involved in the incident would cooperate with police and without eyewitness statements or video of the incident, police did not press further charges.

Police said the group had been drinking until 4 a.m. at a Westchester bowling alley before going to the Riverside home. Words were exchanged inside the home, and the altercation escalated outside.

One of the group called a Lyft to come pick them up, and when it arrived three people got inside. As the car started to drive away the Riverside man, who lives in the Selborne Road home, reportedly ran to the car and jumped atop it before falling off.

The Lyft driver, a 30-year-old LaGrange man, also was not charged.


Identity theft

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has charged 30-year-old Andrea Hart, of Willowbrook, with felony identity theft after she allegedly used a Palos Hills woman’s identity to open an account and purchase a $3,400 necklace from Kay Jewelers in North Riverside on Sept. 7.

Hart was arrested on Sept. 9 by Palos Heights police, who had been investigating at a nursing home in that town. Hart, a past employee of the business, is suspected of multiple instances of identity theft outside of North Riverside, according to police.

The victim told police that accounts had been opened in her name in recent months at Target and Home Depot, but that she was unaware her identity had been used to open an account at Kay Jewelers in North Riverside. Police were able to recover the jewelry, which was seized at the time Hart was arrested.


Cigarette allegedly ignites shed fire

Brookfield police charged a 28-year-old Berwyn man with two counts of criminal damage to property and trespassing after his lit cigarette reportedly started a shed on fire after he fell asleep inside of the shed while seeking shelter from heavy rain in the 4100 block of Oak Avenue during the early morning hours of Sept. 15.

The homeowner told police that the man, who at one time had been a friend of her son’s, had knocked on her front door about 5:45 a.m., asking if he could use her phone. The woman refused and the man eventually went away.

At 6:30 a.m., Brookfield firefighters were called to the home to extinguish a fire that had engulfed the shed in the backyard, destroying it completely. About 10 a.m. on Sept. 15, police went to the Berwyn home of the man who had appeared at the Brookfield residence earlier that morning.

He reportedly told police that he’d drunk a fifth of bourbon and was riding his bike around Brookfield and LaGrange Park, when he realized he lost his phone. So he went to his old friend’s house to ask if he could use the phone there to call his girlfriend.

After being turned away, it started raining and he sought shelter in the backyard shed, where he lit a cigarette and fell asleep. He next remembered waking up to smoke and flames all around him and fled the area on his bike. He reportedly apologized and said he didn’t mean to start the fire.


Bathroom door blown off hinges

Emergency personnel were dispatched to a residence in the 4100 block of Arthur Avenue, Brookfield, at about 12:50 a.m. on Sept. 15 after an apparent spontaneous explosion blew a bathroom door off its hinges during a reported home improvement project.

The victim, who suffered chemical burns to his left arm and face, told police he was trying to seal cracks in the bathtub with a substance called Flex Seal. The bathroom door was closed a dehumidifier was on, the victim said.

Others in the home reported hearing a loud “boom” and finding the victim injured. Paramedics took him to Loyola University Medical Center for treatment while firefighters used industrial fans to clear the chemical odor from the house and determined the explosion was the result of an accident.



  • An 18-year-old LaGrange Park man and an 18-year-old Elmwood Park woman were both charged with criminal trespassing after they reportedly broke into a vacant home owned by the Chicago Zoological Society in the 8500 block of Rockefeller Avenue, Brookfield, during the early morning hours of Sept. 11.

A passerby reportedly tipped off a zoo employee that someone had broken into the house about 6:30 a.m. A zoo security guard responded and discovered the two inside, holding them at gunpoint until Brookfield police arrived.

  • A 55-year-old Riverside man was charged with criminal trespass to a residence in the during the early morning hours of Sept. 14 after he allegedly entered the attached garage to a residence in the 200 block of Akenside Road, knocked over some shelves, urinated on the floor and shouted at the homeowners, who confronted him after hearing loud noises coming from the garage.

Police said the man was extremely intoxicated and had injured himself – there was blood on his shirt and the left side of his head — at some point prior to their arrival at about 3:40 a.m., possibly when he knocked over the shelves in the garage.

Asked what he was doing in the garage, the man reportedly told police, “What, I’m going home.” Police reported that the man lived a few blocks from the Akenside residence.

Paramedics took the man to MacNeal Hospital for treatment and learned he had been drinking earlier that night at a Riverside restaurant, which he left at 1 a.m., alone and uninjured.

While at the hospital, the man reportedly told police he had no recollection of entering the garage, remembering only attempting to walk home from the restaurant.


Chair stolen from antiques store

The owner of Knight’s Antiques, 9046 31st St. in Brookfield, called police on Sept. 11 at about 1:25 p.m. to report that someone had just stolen a chair that was being displayed outside the store.

According to witnesses, a white female, about 60 to 70 years old, with brown hair got out of a red Dodge minivan that had pulled up to the store on parked on Park Avenue. The woman allegedly walked up to the chair, described as a tall dark green vinyl chair with a chrome and black base, and rolled it over to the van, placing it inside and then driving off.

The chair was valued at about $50.


Car stolen in North Riverside

North Riverside police responded to the 8600 block of Cermak Road on the morning of Sept. 10 after a resident woke up to find that his red 1997 Honda Del Sol was missing from the assigned spot in the parking ,lot of his building.

The victim said he last drove the car two weeks ago, but saw it parked in the lot on the night of Sept. 9. The car was fully paid for and the victim said he had the only sets of keys.


Vehicle break-ins

  • Brookfield police arrested a 15-year-old Hazel Crest boy suspected of breaking into at least four vehicles in the 9100 block of Bartlett Avenue and in LaGrange Park  late on Sept. 10 and cited him for obstruction before turning him over to juvenile authorities on a felony warrant out of Hazel Crest.

Police responded to Bartlett Avenue after receiving reports of someone opening and closing car doors, setting off several car alarms. Police located the suspect, who was pointed out by a witness, and tried to detain him.

The suspect reportedly ran from police, who were able to apprehend him after a short foot chase. Police cited the boy for running from them, but did not charge him, because victims refused to prosecute. However, they later discovered he was wanted on a warrant and turned him over to the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center.

  • Brookfield police reported last week that two people reportedly were caught on surveillance video trying to open doors to several vehicles parked in the 3100 and 3200 blocks of Madison Avenue during the early morning hours of Sept. 15.

The suspects entered at least one vehicle, taking a two-liter bottle of pop from the front passenger floorboard. There were no signs of forced entry to the vehicle, police said.

Police continue their efforts to identify the suspects.


It’s only marshmallows

Brookfield firefighters cut short their response to a fire call to a house in the 3800 block of Arthur Avenue on Sept. 10 at about 10:50 p.m., after police were able to confirm it was a false alarm.

Someone dialed 911 to report a structure fire, saying that flames were coming from the garage. Police arrived on the scene first and located the home, observing that there was a fire burning inside an approved container on the driveway.

After advising the homeowner of the complaint, the officer told her she was free to continue roasting marshmallows.


These items were obtained from police reports filed by the Riverside, North Riverside and Brookfield police departments, Sept. 9-15, and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Unless otherwise indicated, anybody named in these reports has only been charged with a crime. These cases have not been adjudicated.


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