Ever wonder where the money goes after you have made a donation? Of course you have, and for those of you who have been so generous in donating to the Riverside-Brookfield Educational Foundation during their telethon in the spring, here is one of those interesting stories.

Riverside-Brookfield High School student Mazzy Marcucci, of Riverside, applied for a grant through the foundation to perform a humanitarian project in Mozambique.  Working with other students from around the world, Mazzy helped build a foundation for a school for younger students. 

The days were long and hot, but very rewarding, as she and her fellow workers were able to interact with the young students playing games and helping them with their English after work. The young students were intrigued by the “builders” they had been watching from behind fences as a safety measure.

Mazzy states it was a life-changing experience learning about Africa, another culture and herself, recognizing the advantages she has as a student in the United States — the luxury of being able to attend a school that is air-conditioned and to take advantage of other conveniences not available to the students she was helping. The tools she has for leaning here are appreciated much more after her African experience. 

The road to Mozambique did not come easily. Mazzy heard about the foundation grants from her mother, who encouraged her to apply. Aside from the foundation’s grant, Mazzy raised money by baking and selling cookies. Her desire to experience another lesson in life was worth all the effort.

Having just taken her ACT and pondering where she will attend college, Mazzy plans to continue participating in more humanitarian projects. She is grateful for the experience and to all those who helped, so the next time I hear that Mazzy Marcucci is baking cookies I know she is on her way to help somewhere in the world. Sign me up for the cookies, Mazzy. Got any chocolate chip?

Reminder: There is still time to purchase tickets for the Riverside Person of the Year Dinner honoring Bill Sherman on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at the Riverside Golf Club. Tickets are available at the Riverside Bank, the Riverside Public Library and Aunt Diana’s. The price is $45.

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