I am a four-year resident of Brookfield, and I am writing to show my support for allowing the sale and commercial cultivation of legal cannabis in Brookfield. 

When my husband and I were looking to purchase a home, we had many options. We chose Brookfield because we valued its diversity and potential. But, simply put, Brookfield needs an economic boost to realize that potential. 

At the Sept. 9 village board meeting, I heard about the exciting projects that are being worked on to make the village a better place to live. I also heard about how much we struggle to find the funds to achieve these goals. 

While I don’t think there is a panacea to the financial issues that the village faces, including the sale of cannabis, I do think that this is an economic opportunity that should not be missed.

I believe in reasonable restrictions on where and how these businesses operate. Surely, even supporters of this measure, like my family, don’t want to see a dispensary on every corner or across the street from schools. But to ban an entire industry from locating in Brookfield would be both near-sighted and narrow-minded. 

As Illinois and other states around the country have shown, legal recreational cannabis is here to stay. As several trustees noted in the Sept. 9 meeting, this is not a question about the morality or legality of the issue. The question is whether Brookfield is going to take advantage of the new reality. 

I believe this is an opportunity for Brookfield to demonstrate that it is a modern, progressive village. That’s why I think this decision goes beyond simply whether or not we allow cannabis sales within the village. It speaks to the heart of what kind of village we want to be. Do we want to look forward or back?

Claire Simmonds