There are things to be learned when one is up and about at 7 a.m., and I did learn a few things about what happens on East Burlington Street at that hour of the morning last Friday.

I was stationed at Riverside Foods last week for the Lions Club Candy Days, and I smartly chose the location in the event of rain, which there was, or cold, ditto. Also there is a nice bench to sit upon while collecting donations to support the club’s initiatives.

I will tell you that, at that hour, those who are shopping are focused, on a mission and not always awake. 

By the time 7:30 had arrived, only three shoppers made their way in and out. Some were kind and tossed money into the can. I smiled at all and wished them a good morning, hoping to make their day or start it off right. 

I was lucky to have a cup of coffee with me only to find out there is what I will call “a commuter special”  at Riverside Foods — coffee and a donut for $1.50 — such a deal! I also learned that the coffee beans are specially roasted for the store. Now we’re talking gourmet.

Things started to pick up as parents dropped children off at school and the hustle and bustle of another day in Riverside began. It also gave me a chance to observe the deliveries to the store. It is fascinating watching the truck drivers maneuver their big rigs around the lot, while some shoppers were have a difficult time just pulling into the parking spots. By the way, take it easy zooming into the lot, there are people around.

I learned that we in this area are lucky to have Riverside Foods and the many choice items it carries; if you want something special they will happily accommodate and cater. Check out the domestic and imported cheeses. 

Brookfield, you are lucky also with Tischler’s and their fine selections. Don’t have to go far for quality and service.

So next time I know where to get my coffee, I’ll make my purchase and sit on the bench at Riverside Foods to watch the people across the street working hard at Athletico as well as other goings on, I might pick up a story or two.

By the way, thank you to all who gave to the Lions Candy Days fundraiser to help the club provide for its programs to help the blind and deaf. The mints are good, too.