It’s finally Halloween week, but it seems like we have been talking about it for quite a while. It always makes me quite nostalgic, especially when I saw the children in Brookfield going around to the merchants to trick-or-treat during Monsters on Mainstreet last Saturday. They looked so cute with parents participating in costume. Even the weather didn’t dampen their spirits.

When I was a youngster, there were not many places to go that were Halloween-themed, although I did like the haunted house at Amling’s Flowerland on North Avenue and then going down the street to Tom Naples’ fruits and vegetable stand (an original farmers market) to see the decorated pumpkins, which weren’t carved but had painted gourds and other vegetables nailed into the pumpkin to make faces. In my child mind, they really were works of art.

Thinking back, I don’t recall the many spooky and scary films and events as there are now. I don’t like to be scared, but if I did all I would have to do is read the daily papers and watch the news. 

I do remember the scary movies with the zombies that came out of nowhere and if you clapped your hands they would come out of the closet. My brother made it his purpose in life to scare me as often as possible, and one way was to watch the zombie movies. It took many years before I could sleep with my back to the closet or clap my hands near a closet.

So no “Scream,” “Joker” or Freddy Krueger for me. I don’t care what happened on Elm Street. Instead, get yourself a caramel apple from Aunt Diana’s, light a scented candle and enjoy the season, the rustling of the leaves, the beautiful fall colors and the laughter of children trick-or-treating.

Reminder: this Sunday, Nov. 3 is Spectacle Sunday sponsored by the Riverside Township Lions Club. Spectacle receptacles can be found at St. Mary’s, Mater Christi, Presbyterian Church, North Riverside Commons, Riverside and North Riverside libraries, Riverside Village Hall. Used glasses will be refurbished and distributed to those in need. Some receptacles will be available for year round pick-up. 

Happy Birthday today (10/30) to Husband Joe, who now is the same age I am. Since he doesn’t normally read my column (!), he will need to read it this week since I didn’t buy him a card. Happy B-Day, Honey!