The following is in response to Rep. Michael Zalewski’s comments last week in the Landmark on possible reform in the Illinois General Assembly (“Zalewski talks state reform at Brookfield forum,” News, Nov. 13). 

Rep. Zalewski appeared to indicate that reform may be coming to the state’s governance in the next year or two. I don’t believe Illinois citizens want to wait a year or two for reform. 

The federal investigation of ComEd and the lobbyists tied to Speaker Madigan call for immediate action. I’m afraid the Illinois General Assembly has been looking out for their own interests as well as ComEd’s, rather than the people’s interests, and I only hope that the federal investigation will result in prompt and meaningful reform in Springfield. 

If serious reforms result in some legislators leaving the General Assembly as Zalewski suggests, then Illinois and its citizens could be the beneficiaries. Rep. Zalewski also indicated that Speaker Madigan could probably remain speaker as long as he wants because of his strong support among the Democratic family. 

Zalewski goes on to say, “As long as we’re going to be a family it’s up him [Madigan] to decide when he’s going to depart.” I highly doubt that Illinois voters feel as sympathetic towards Madigan remaining speaker as Zalewski does. 

If the Illinois electorate is going to end the decline that Illinois finds itself in, they need to vote for Illinois House candidates who will not support Madigan for speaker. 

Joe Rose