There is no denying that facilities at Komarek School District 94 need substantial upgrades. There is also no getting around the thumping that local taxpayers handed down last spring when the school district proposed a big process of demolition, new construction and renovations along with a stiff price tag — $22 million.

The school board and administration have taken note and, chastised, are back with what we expect to be a much more modest building plan and much reduced tax hike.

D94 is also working hard and fast to draw many more people into its circle in advance of final decisions and a likely vote in 2020. The first of five focus groups were held Dec. 3. But there are opportunities to learn more and share opinions at events on Dec. 7, 9 and 10.

Two more modest building options are on the table. After public input, the school board will move quickly to adopt a referendum question on Dec. 17 at a special meeting.

The Landmark supports some level of renovation at this school. Like voters, we’ll wait to see which option the school board backs and the price tag attached to it.