Husband Joe often remarks that our mail lady is most happy when she gets to our house so she can get rid of a lot of what’s making her bag heavy. This time of year, especially. 

Catalogs? I got ’em. End of the year reports? I got ’em. Numerous charitable requests? I got ’em. That doesn’t even include all of the junk mail, which isn’t junk to the sender but junk to me, the recipient.

Let’s look at charitable requests — and I do have my favorites. I pick and choose. Thank you for the numerous gifts you send, but how many address labels do I need? And, while I receive many note pads, I can never find one when I need to take a message. 

Now, when I am sent something, I mull over the request and weigh whether I like the charity and whether I want to use what they send me. There have been times when I like the labels, but wasn’t planning on replying. I know I would feel guilty if I used them and hadn’t sent a donation. Sometimes I am better off chucking it in the garbage before even opening the request.

Another thing, most are yearly giving for me, with a few exceptions. Once I have mailed my donation, I receive a receipt. I don’t need requests for more. I don’t reply to those requests and wonder if it occurs to them they have spent my donation on sending me requests for money. There should be a box on the request that you can check, stating you will only be giving once a year. That would save a lot of paper, money, trees and aggravation for me.

So, that being said, I will note I am behind on the holidays. So what? I am already 10 days behind on the Advent Daily Prayer book we received from, so I will pour myself a glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream and read my prayers. 

Some of the outside lights are up and some are already out. The little tree in TV room is up and lit, but it has no ornaments adorning its little branches. As for the living room tree, the furniture has been moved for its placement; it will happen. 

Shopping I have a good handle on and, as for the cards, I hope I can find my list. Last year I placed it where I could easily find it this year, wherever that is.

Do you see yourself in any of this? I bet you do. It will all come together, because I believe.