Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, there is a mess. Packages are strewn on the floor everywhere, waiting to be wrapped or, better yet, thrown in a gift bag. 

There are those odd gifts that defy being wrapped because of their size and shape, so slap a sticky bow on it and it’s ready to be given. Where is the tape and scissors? Someone moved them, that mean little elf.

I’ve made my list and checked it at least twice, not being concerned as to who was naughty and who was nice. I’ll concede they are all nice if they are on my giving list. 

Some gifts were easy to find others not so much. Boy, do I miss Toys R Us! A game called Pie in the Face or something like that? What kind of game is that? One I don’t think this Grammy will be playing. I need to hold on to the gift cards — I put them in my purse – or they may not be found until after New Year’s.

Seriously, it is not as bad as I seem to be making it. Today I will complete this column, regroup and set out tomorrow to assault my chosen shops and finish what is called holiday shopping. 

Got the holiday greeting cards to send out. A little elf told me I will be getting a printer for Christmas, which means that next year I can send out a Christmas letter. I better do some good things so I will have something to write.

There are also those who use the season as a time for giving not just gifts, but of themselves, and feel better for it.

It is not too late to tap into that spirit. Give a call to someone you have not seen for a long time, bring a meal to someone who may not be able to get out, run an errand for someone in need. Or, how about we just be nice to each other?