The trial of the lawsuit that the Lyons Township Trustees of Schools office has filed against Lyons Township High School has been postponed once again.

The suit involving the had been scheduled to go to trial on Dec. 16 after settlement talks broke down, but the Township Treasurer’s Office requested a postponement, said LTHS District 204 Superintendent Timothy Kilrea.

“We were prepared and requested to begin the trial and it’s just disappointment,” Kilrea said. “We knew months ago that the 16th, 17th and 18th were the dates that we were scheduled to go and we wanted to go.” 

The case had originally been set for trial in September, but at that time Cook County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Mulroy strongly urged the parties to try and reach a settlement. But after about a month or so of talks, the two sides could not reach a deal and the case was set for trial in December.

The Township Treasurer’s Office (TTO), which is operated by the Lyons Township Trustees of Schools, sued LTHS in 2013, claiming the high school owes it nearly $4.5 million. 

The Township Treasurer’s Office, which by state law manages finances for school districts in Lyons Township, claims that District 204 has not paid its full share to the TTO since 2000.

But in a pretrial motion, Mulroy ruled that the statute of limitations restricts the amount that the TTO can recover, if it wins at trial, to damages incurred for during only the five years before the lawsuit was filed, or approximately $1.9 million. 

LTHS claims that it had an agreement with the TTO that the high school would not have to pay its full share of fees, since it didn’t rely on the TTO for much of the financial work that the TTO does for other school districts.

The TTO has already spent more than $2 million in legal fees on the case, while LTHS has spent about $500,000.

No new trial date has yet been set, Kilrea said.

Michael Thiessen, the president of the Lyons Township Trustees of Schools did not return a call seeking comment about the reasons for the delay.