Amy Dittmeier

There have been some staff changes at the Brookfield Public Library recently.

Frank Murray, who had been the library’s head of reference and electronic services for the past seven years, left the library in November to take a job as the director of the Itasca Community Library. 

Murray was replaced by Amy Dittmeier, who had been assistant adult services librarian and has worked at the Brookfield Public Library for three years. But in a staff reorganization, job titles and some functions have changed. Dittmeier’s new title is adult and teen services manager. 

“She was Frank’s protégé in all things digital and websites,” said Brookfield Public Library Director Kimberly Coughran.

Murray was initially brought in to run the library’s 3D printer program. He also played a major role in developing the Career Online High School program, the annual Brookfield Reads initiative and loaning out wireless hotspots.

Murray, who was the only male librarian in the organization, also created a fantasy football league for library patrons that is still going strong, with two leagues and 24 teams.

Murray said that he enjoyed his time working at the Brookfield Public Library and said that he believes that Dittmeier will do a great job.

“She’s more than capable,” Murray said. “I was the person who recommended her for the position. She’s extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the department, and I know she’s already doing a great job and will be able to handle everything I did and more.”

Coughran said Murray is the first of her employees to become a library director.

“We’re very proud of him,” Coughran said.

In the reorganization, anticipating perhaps an increased workload when the organization moves across the street into a new, larger building in another year, a new librarian position will be added. 

“We are hiring right now for a digital innovation librarian,” Coughran said.

The teen services librarian position will be changed to a youth services librarian position.

The library will continue to carry 11 full-time positions. But, part-time positions at the library will be significantly reduced as the page positions are being eliminated. 

Overall payroll costs are projected to decline by a little more than $45,000 as part-time costs are projected to decline by just over 20 percent in 2020. Costs for full time employees are projected to increase by less than 1 percent. The library’s 2020 budget proposes a 1 percent cost of living pay raise for library employees. 

Health insurance costs are projected to increase 5 percent. The library pays 95 percent of the premiums for employees’ family health insurance, but the 2020 budget proposes that the library stop paying 25 percent of premiums for employee dental insurance, which is projected to save about $3,500 per year.