An Ogden Avenue ambulance company is looking to expand its footprint on the commercial strip this year, moving its billing offices to the old Roy Wahlstrom & Co. property at 9317 Ogden Ave.

Cook County property records indicate that a company called 9317 Ogden LLC purchased the property for $130,000 a year ago. The manager of that LLC is Candace Truty, whose address is listed at 8940 Ogden Ave., the home of Advanced Critical Transport, an ambulance service.

Truty is also listed as the president of Advanced Critical Transport by the Illinois Secretary of State.

Brookfield Village Planner Elyse Vukelich indicated that Advanced Critical Transport submitted a business license application for 9317 Ogden Ave. in December and that approval of the application is pending village inspections.

An employee of Advanced Critical Transport told the Landmark that only the company’s billing department will be moving into the new space. The emergency medical service staff and ambulances will remain at the 8940 Ogden Ave. location.

The former Wahlstrom property at 9317 Ogden Ave. was acquired by a firm called Sniper Team Investments in a tax sale held by the Cook County Clerk in April 2018. 

Prior to the business closing around 2013, Roy Wahlstrom & Co. had been a fixture at that address since 1969. The company, which had its start in Brookfield in the 1950s, moved there from its original home across the street.

Another legacy business leaves Ogden

Al’s Radiator, a company that repaired and installed automobile heating and air-conditioning systems for at least 40 years at 9521 Ogden Ave., has closed its doors. Last week, the property was purchased by Steven Campbell in a deal whose terms weren’t disclosed.

The longtime owner of Al’s Radiator sought to retire from the business, Campbell said.

Campbell owns a number of properties along Ogden Avenue, most prominently the buildings that house the Galloping Ghost video and pinball arcades and several of Galloping Ghost’s related businesses.

The transaction included the building on Ogden, which is suitable for reuse as an automobile repair business, as well as a vacant lot south of the alley behind the building, which is used as a parking lot.

Campbell said he is working on landing a tenant for the building. The property transaction closed on Jan. 7, he said.