It’s that time again — election time, although it seems we have never not been in the middle of election time. However, as the March presidential primary election approaches, you should know about some changes, which are intended to make the process easier and more failsafe. With that in mind, election judges are getting ready to go to training sessions, so we can be efficient and proficient.

The process has changed over the years. I can remember the first time I voted (I’ve never missed voting). It was at Blythe Park School in the gymnasium where, after checking in, you went into a booth. It looked like the cardboard box from a refrigerator. You walked inside and pulled a lever to close the curtain. Privacy. 

In front of you was the list of candidates and a small lever which you flipped to indicate your choice. Simple. When you were through you simply moved the large lever, which opened the curtain and registered your vote. Judges? Reams of paper where you would check your choice.

Now voters can ask for paper ballots or to vote on a computer touchscreen, or as we sometimes mistakenly say, “paper or plastic.” 

Remember the hanging chads? That was when you used a stylus and poked a hole in your choice. Later, if you used as paper ballot, you were asked to draw a line between two objects to form an arrow. Only use the special pen! This time, I understand there will be a slight change to make it easier. They’re getting rid of the line-drawing and instead will ask voters to fill in a circle.

Want to do it easier? Use the touchscreen. You can see your choices and make changes easier. With the paper ballot, if there is a change, you have to start all over.

What do you mean you don’t have time to vote! There is voting by mail and early voting, with hours that will accommodate everyone’s schedule, so there is no excuse.

Yes, this is the primary where you must declare whether you want a particular party ballot. That’s OK, in the general election you can vote however you wish. Just vote!

The debate continues: Gravy or sauce? Patty and Alyssa from Aunt Diana’s say gravy. Tina Lubrano at church said sauce. 

Definitive answer from Ron Malchiodi, Riverside recreation director: Sauce. You don’t see jars in the store that say “spaghetti gravy.”

If we took a vote, neither would be wrong as long it is authentic and good. Everyone is a winner. That would be an interesting election, don’t you think?