The Oscars are over and so is the hype. Didn’t see any of the movies nominated, but I imagine they were all award-worthy. 

I like watching the red carpet and the clothes and, luckily, I watch the awards at home so my reactions to some of the creations is not seen or heard lest they be offensive to many. Sometimes I wonder how some of them breathe or sit in the very tight outfits.  I also wonder how they are able to navigate other things, but we won’t go into that.

Now while chances of any of us winning an Oscar are slim to none, there are some awards locally that can be just as meaningful. For example, look at the Lions Club, which presents two awards annually – the Bill Jansky Award and the Riverside Person of the Year. 

Both awards are decided by a committee from the Lions Club, but the nominations are accepted from anyone. 

The Jansky Award, named after the late Bill Jansky, is given to the person who has exemplified community service over a long period of time. Presented at a meeting of the Lions, the recipient will have their name engraved on a plaque, which is displayed in the main lobby of the Riverside Township Hall.

The Person of the Year is awarded to one who has contributed to the Village of Riverside in many forms over a long period of time. The Person of the Year is recognized on a designated Riverside Day and honored at a dinner held at the Riverside Golf Club.

Nominations may be made by anyone wishing to do. Nominations must be in writing and submitted to a Lions Club member or sent to Riverside Township Lions Club, 27 Riverside Road, Riverside, 60546.

The Alumni Achievement Medal is given to graduates of Riverside-Brookfield High who have distinguished themselves in various ways, whether it be service, personal achievements or professional accomplishments, to name a few.

Nominations may be made by contacting the high school or going online at to obtain a form. Recipients are honored at a dinner at the school and receive a medal. The school also places a plaque on the wall in an area designated for Alumni Achievement recipients.

Oscars aren’t the only awards worth getting.