What’s new at the Brookfield Zoo? It seems like there are constantly new and exciting things happening at the great attraction.

A recent attraction, I should say attractions, are two new gray seal pups, Peanut and Celia. These two “little” girls — I suppose “little” is the right word in the seal world — arrived on the scene on Jan. 9 and 10. They are doing quite well, thriving from their mother’s attention and being hand fed between five and seven pounds of fish daily. 

As one of only 10 facilities in North America to have gray seal pups, Brookfield Zoo now has an opportunity to study them and learn about the threats of their counterparts have in the wild. Studies such as these will help protect the gray seal just as other studies have helped other species to survive. I remember how instrumental the Brookfield Zoo was in saving the wombat.

As a longtime zoo fan, I’ve always been excited to see the newborns and others who have their own fan clubs. Olga the walrus! She was quite the attraction; can’t say it was her looks, although she did have nice eyes. 

There was always a crowd around her and she played to the crowd. We and many others were her adoptive parents, visiting and taking pictures. It was a sad day when she passed away.

Over at Monkey Island, many a parent had questions to answer while viewing the “monkeying” around on there. How exciting it was when the Children’s Zoo opened? My brother took me there. I thought he was being brotherly, but it seems he needed an excuse to talk to a girl he was interested in who worked there for the summer. I had fun, don’t know if he got a date.

The dolphin show! Couldn’t wait to see it and didn’t mind standing in line. Learned where to sit and not get wet. Adults didn’t care to get wet, but the kids, we did.

Anybody remember the story of the ape parking sign at the 31st Street parking lot? Now that’s an old, but good story. Maybe I’ll tell it someday.