Recently, I received in the mail a red-light camera ticket. There were several pictures of my car along with a date and time that I supposedly ran a red light, making a right turn. 

I say “supposedly” because I know that I was working on the day they had on the ticket. However, my oldest son lives with me and occasionally drops me off at my job and then uses the car. That was the case on this day. 

However, he did not recall going to North Riverside on the day in question or what errand he could have been running. We went by the North Riverside police station. They showed us a moving picture of my car going through the light. 

Now I know this young man and have driven with him many times. He is a very cautious driver and always stops before turning. But it seems that we could not dispute the video. So my son decided to pay the ticket because we would both have to take a day off work to contest it officially. We truly feel ripped off. 

We have read all of your articles about the political connections and corruption associated with these re-light cameras, but there is nothing we can do. 

However, this is what we will not do: We will not go to North Riverside or Berwyn or any of the towns which still have these cameras up and running. They have lost our business. 

Carol S. Walker