My brother Kyle and I would like to comment on the article, “Students, teachers confront sudden shift in learning” (News, March 18).

We like learning from home. So far we like the eLearning program. The assignments are not too bad. So far it’s easy to go on the classroom page in Google Classroom to find the assignments that our teachers have assigned.

We like being home but we miss seeing our friends every day. We wish we could still hang out and play with our friends. We understand that we need to stay home even though we don’t have the coronavirus. We know it’s important to not spread the coronavirus.

We know that even though we’re not sick today, we could still get sick. We know it’s important to stay away from our grandparents because they’re older and we don’t want them to get sick. We hope that everyone follows the rules so that the coronavirus will go away.

Ryan and Kyle Enochs

Hauser Junior High students