I have been a school superintendent for 23 years, 16 years at Komarek School District 94 and seven years at Frankfort School District 157C. I have a great deal of pride and loyalty to both of these school districts. Both districts have been leaders in educational practices.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Komarek School District 94 Community for passing the recent referendum to upgrade the buildings to provide an optimal learning environment for students.

A family with deep roots always supports each other in good times and bad, and that is the story of Komarek School. Yes, Komarek School is not just a school but also a family. We always referred to our school as “family,” because it always was the example for being together for the welfare of students. Please note the following:

  • When I came to the school district, we had four board members on the board in excess of 20 years. This is a true commitment.
  • Many important people have attended Komarek, including former NBA star Jeff Hornacek, who returned with pride to the school in 2001 to see his basketball jersey retired as one of the standouts in Komarek basketball.
  • The school is an advocate of the “whole child” education. Yes, academics are important but also the affective/personalized component of education. We always offered small and personalized learning for students. We were the students’ teacher and parent at school. This was so comforting to students and enhanced their learning.
  • Komarek was the first in 2000 to “gifted certify” all teachers, knowing that these strategies are good for all students. In the late 1990s, the school was among the first to embrace inclusion for special education students. The school always supported individualization of instruction for the specific needs of students.
  • The school was noted numerous times in the Illinois School Board Journal for cutting-edge practices in education.

The list goes on from the past and the present to illustrate this jewel of the western suburbs. Yes, you need to know this history, because it has now repeated itself. The Komarek School community/family has once again pulled together and showed commitment to its school and to the bright future that lies ahead.

Hats off to a job well done!

Robert J. Madonia is a former longtime Komarek School District 94 superintendent.

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