The Cook County Department of Public Health is reporting that at least five people in Riverside have been identified as positive for COVID-19, the upper respiratory disease that results from infection by the novel coronavirus.

Surveillance data collected by the county for municipalities that do not have their own health departments is tracked by town on a map that is continually updated by the Cook County Department of Public Health.

Earlier on Thursday, the map indicated that Riverside had between one and four cases. Once the number of confirmed cases hits five, the exact number is displayed on the map.

North Riverside, where one case was identified last week, still has between one and four cases, according to the map, as does Brookfield.

Berwyn has 17 confirmed positive cases, according to the county’s map.

Riverside Fire Chief Matthew Buckley said that, as far as he is aware, Riverside paramedics have not personally treated anyone positive for COVID-19, but he didn’t rule it out, since the county is keeping patient information confidential, even from local officials.

“We’re trying to put on a full-court press,” said Buckley. “I just want to know what house is under isolation to help us respond appropriately. I want my guys ready for when they go into these places. It’s just one more layer of protection to keep them safe.”

Buckley said he was personally aware of two positive cases in Riverside, a husband and wife. One of the two is being treated at a hospital and that patient’s condition he termed “critical.” The other is being isolated at home, Buckley said.

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