The coronavirus is not selective. It has us all in the same position of keeping safe and finding some form of normalcy in our lives when there isn’t any. But, it does encourage people to seek ways of being creative to deal with it.

For one group of nine people from Brookfield, that meant a virtual happy hour on a Friday evening, when people may have normally gotten together after a long week to relax to talk about anything and everything.

From 7:45 to 8:15 p.m., the group hoisted their libations, ranging from beer to wine to bourbon, and socialized without physical contact through the wonders of technology.

Conversation centered on how everyone was coping, with some now juggling working from home and doing the job of home schooling. Teachers in the group described keeping in contact with their students and the challenges that came with the arrangement.  Couples also discussed how they managed schedules as they worked from home.

The kids, restless and missing their friends, got a little face time to say hello. While it was nice to be home, they admitted missing school and their friends.

According to Pam Kosey (yes we’re related), the virtual party will be happening again since it’s a great way to keep in touch — the hope being this won’t be a long-lasting occurrence.

How about a “sip and stroll? Brookfield couple Monica and Mark Maylath took a hike around the neighborhood with their libations, snapping pictures of friends’ homes and texting them with a picture and a greeting, which led to them opening their doors to say hello. Good way to see other people other than those you are cooped up with and still mind the 6-foot rule.

People are stepping up in many ways. Times like this can show what people are really made of and how they react to make a bad situation somewhat better. Try to support those eateries that are open and add a few dollars for tips for the employees.

If you would like to share how you are handling everything, send me an email at

It makes sense to fill out the census! If you haven’t filled it out yet, it is very easy to do online. The directions are all there as well as the answers to any questions you may have. It was simple for our household because there are only two of us. What took the longest was having to scroll down to the year of our birth.

Wash your hands (take a drink)!