Since our last election, I feel it is very important to give my opinion on how terribly our process of voting by mail needs a drastic overhaul.

In the mail, I received a brochure on how to vote three different ways – one by mail, early voting and voting at the polls. This was sent by Dan Lipinski. I chose to vote by mail since I am not in the best of health.

To vote, you had to call Karen A. Yarbrough’s office to get an application starting on March 1. I started to call on March 1 to find out that the office was closed on weekends.

So on March 3, I started to call and it took at least three days to make contact for an application to vote in this election. It took at least five days to get the application. I filled it out and then I managed to get it in the mail box the same day.

Then I waited for the ballot to come in the mail. Finally, it came on March 16. According to the rules, mail voting was closed on March 13. So I was forced to go to village hall to vote.

When I mentioned it to a lady at the polls, she said, “Oh, yes, many people did not get a ballot in time to vote by mail.”

Being in the poor health that I am, I thought that this was outrageous. There should be some way they can overhaul the process to vote by mail.

Edwin Sytko