Riverside residents cherish our local public library and have always supported its development. This was again demonstrated on March 17, 2020, when village voters passed, overwhelmingly, a referendum to finance the completion of our renovation plan for the lower level of our facility. 

Your Library Board of Trustees carefully developed this renovation plan over a five-year period to update and improve services for our younger patrons, while maintaining the traditional and historic character of our overall facility.

The Riverside Public Library Board wishes to express our appreciation for the confidence and strong support the Library has received for this project. We especially wish to acknowledge our many “Friends of the Library” as well as the editorial support provided by the Landmark. Our renovated facilities will greatly enhance our ability to meet our patrons’ expectations.

Currently, our library services have been interrupted to comply with Gov. Pritzker’s stay at-home order as our state and nation work to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. But we are ready to resume our services to the community as soon as we are permitted.

Please visit your library often in the coming months to take advantage of the many resources available to serve you, and to watch, with anticipation, the buildout of our lower level facilities. 

Thank you again for your loyal support and for making our long planned renovation possible!

Joan Wiaduck , president

Ken Circo, vice president

Courtney Greve-Hack, secretary

Michael Flight, treasurer

Michael Hagins, trustee

Jennifer Pacourek, trustee

Patrick White, trustee

Riverside Public Library Board of Trustees