This wasn’t exactly the way Beach Avenue BBQ owners Christopher Chin and Juan Silva imagined opening their new restaurant at 3453 Grand Blvd. in Brookfield, at Eight Corners.

But, the fact remains: they are officially open.

On April 10, the Cook County Health Department gave its green light and with a business license from the village already in hand, the business opened its doors for Beach Avenue BBQ’s pre-planned Saturday pop-up.

It was the first time they were allowed to use the restaurant space for business and from here on out they’ll be able to work out of their commercial kitchen in the storefront space facing the Veterans Memorial Circle.

“Even if this [COVID-19 restaurant dining room shutdown] wasn’t happening, we had still planned on doing a slow rollout,” Chin said. “This is just a bit different.”

The ability to work out of the restaurant likely will mean that the now twice-weekly pop-ups will add another day to the rotation. Chin said they may also try to roll out grab-and-go lunch service.

The parking arrangement near Eight Corners makes a pickup-only business a little tougher to manage, but Chin said the eatery will simply have to “see how it goes and work out the kinks.”

“We just have to deal with it and adapt to what’s happening,” he said.