Road construction season was slated to begin in Riverside this week, with mobilization and preliminary groundwork for a full reconstruction of the entire length of Selborne Road, which arcs for about a mile across the north end of Riverside, from York Road to Nuttall Road.

The project also includes resurfacing of Parkway Road, a much shorter semicircular street that connects on both ends with Selborne Road.

On April 16, Riverside trustees voted to award a $1.24 million design-build contract to its engineering firm, Burke LLC, to complete the work, which is expected to wrap up by early July, weather permitting.

The project is being funded principally through a $1,114,498 bond issue, which was conducted in February. The rest of the funds will come through the village’s non-home rule sales tax proceeds.

Construction notices were to have been delivered to residents along the construction route on April 17, with preliminary work kicking off Monday. Because the work on Selborne Road will involve completely excavating the roadway down to bare earth, it’s likely to cause some headaches for homeowners there.

“People should certainly plan for significant disruption and inconvenience,” said Public Works Director Edward Bailey. “But people will be notified. Certainly there will be dust and noise.”

The first phase of work will involve saw-cutting surfaces and concrete work. On Selborne Road, that will mean some sidewalk work, complete curb and gutter removal and the removal of many driveway aprons.

Crews will remove and replace curbs, gutter and driveway aprons on one side of the street at a time to allow for parking on the opposite side of the street. Bailey said that if residents want to ensure free movement of their vehicles, they’ll be notified to move them onto the street when there won’t be access to driveways. 

Homeowners could lose access to their driveways for as many as 10 days, after that work starts.

Excavation of Selborne Road won’t begin until the concrete work is complete, but it will involve digging out the existing asphalt roadway and the concrete base underneath it, to a depth of “several feet,” according to Bailey.

Work will take place on one side of the road in order to make the roadway passable to residents. Even when one side is excavated, Bailey said the plan is for residents to maintain access to their driveways by backfilling excavated areas in front of them.

Prior to work commencing this week, the village had hired a company to televise sewers along the route, and recently public works crews repaired two sections of sewer that were identified as in poor condition. The roadwork will also include reconstructing a few manhole structures, said Bailey.

Work along Parkway Road will be less involved, consisting of milling off the top three inches of asphalt and resurfacing the roadway. There will also be some spot curb and gutter removal and replacement.