In the years this newspaper has been covering school governance – that’s more than 23 years under the current leadership – we’ve seen some remarkable things – good, bad and just plain weird.

But when it comes to forehead-slapping moments, no one can touch those currently behind the wheel in Lyons-Brookfield School District 103.

The latest is an announcement by the superintendent late last week that he was recommending hiring the person he replaced – a person essentially forced out by the school board that hired him – to come back as combo middle school principal/assistant superintendent.

Does anyone over there really think anyone is actually buying that story?

What school district superintendent would think, “We can’t let this career high school teacher and administrator, who has never served in any capacity as a principal, slip through our fingers.

“We need to make this person, who until only recently had my job, our middle school principal and we need her to figure out how to be a principal while serving as my subordinate in the central office.”

Anybody who thinks this arrangement is going to last is out of their minds. It’s our educated guess that Carol Baker is being brought back to resume her old job, when Supt. Kristopher Rivera’s contract expires or sooner. 

We say sooner, because we also have an educated guess that any other superintendent faced with such a predicament would be looking for the nearest exit.

But, this is the kind of situation we’ve come to expect from a politically controlled school board that has so little regard for the public that it will hire the first pal it can find rather than conduct a bona fide search for what would appear to be a critical administrative position.

It’s going to take a very special kind of person, indeed, to learn how to be a middle school principal – at a school that has seen a parade of principals in recent years – while also overseeing important central office matters.

In fact, we can’t ever recall seeing such a Frankenstein’s monster of a job in all our years covering schools.

Add to it all the fact that this administrator was hired for District 103’s top job by an earlier version of this politically controlled school board, shown the door when that majority was tossed out and then rehired when political control was restored and you have a genuinely dismal situation.

District 103 voters, this is what you said you wanted, and brother are you getting it.

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