To the jerk who walked into the June 6 Brookfield Farmers Market around 11 a.m. without a facemask and then got unpleasant with the volunteer who politely told you that you needed to wear a mask or leave — get over yourself. 

Mask rules are not “socialism” as you huffed to the volunteer, and they don’t abrogate your rights. The rules for this year’s farmers market have been well-publicized in advance and are consistent with state of Illinois health guidelines at this time; if you don’t want to abide by them, stay home. 

You don’t have the right to impose your self-centered worldview on others and possibly endanger their health. Most of all, I don’t want your political posturing to ruin this event for the rest of us. 

A lot of people work very hard to make the Brookfield Farmers Market a success, most of them volunteers, and I think I speak for the majority of Brookfielders in saying how much we appreciate their efforts and commitment. 

They have done a great job in ensuring that we can have a safe farmers market this year. We don’t need people like you making a mockery of their efforts and wrecking a wonderful community tradition.

Suzanne Williams