Brookfield residential property owners got something of a break at the start of the month when the village froze the rates it charges for waste hauling after negotiating a new seven-year contract with Groot Industries, which began June 1.

But, starting July 1, residents will be paying a tad more for water after the city of Chicago announced that it would be raising rates to its customers, which include the Brookfield-North Riverside Water Commission, which supplies water to the village of Brookfield.

On June 8, Brookfield trustees voted unanimously to increase water fees by 3 percent, passing along the increase from the water commission. As a result, the minimum amount charged to a Brookfield water customer on an annual basis will be $343.62, or about $10 more than that customer now pays.

Brookfield sends out water/sewer bills on a bimonthly basis, which means the minimum bimonthly water charge will be going up to $57.27 from the current $55.50. Customers using up to 4,987 gallons of water per bimonthly billing period are charged the minimum fee. 

Individual household charges will vary depending on how much water customers use above that minimum level. 

In addition to the cost of the water itself, the bill includes a sewer fee, which is 27.1 percent of water charges, meaning sewer charges will also fluctuate depending on water usage. The sewer fee is collected to pay for expenses related to the maintenance of the village’s sewer system.

The city of Chicago’s Department of Water Management informed the Brookfield-North Riverside Water Commission in February that it would be increasing the cost of water it provides to its customers by 2.45 percent, based on the 2019 Consumer Price Index.

Chicago is expected to use the CPI annually to increase water fees annually in the future. The Brookfield-North Riverside Water Commission adjusts its rates every year on June 1, coinciding with Chicago’s rate schedule.