Remember those happy days and the drive-in movies? Those happy high school days included going to the drive-in on Saturday nights. The movie wasn’t always the big attraction; it might have been your date or a car full of friends, some whom had agreed to hide in the trunk of the car to save money. My mother was not a fan of my going to the drive-in on a date unless we were double-dating, but that’s another story.

Once inside, we’d set up in our parking spot, adjust the speaker (which many times we forgot to remove at the end of the evening), watch the ads for the concession stand and wonder if the little bug repellent they sold really did keep the mosquitoes away. We hopped from car to car to see who was with who — or who they shouldn’t have been with.

We eventually outgrew the drive-ins until Husband Joe and I had kids. Nothing was easier than putting the little darlings in their jammies, packing goodies, a few toys, blankies and pillows and we were off to the drive-in. No worry about getting a babysitter, and if we were lucky they fell asleep early and we enjoyed the show.

Many kids today have never experienced a drive-in, but some will get a chance on Friday, June 26 when the Riverside Department of Parks and Recreation hosts a Drive-In Movie Night with a screening of “Space Jam” in the parking lot of St. Mary Parish.

The event was such a hit that it was fully booked within two days of it being announced on the rec department’s Facebook page. However, anyone still hoping for a spot in the lot can call the recreation office at 708-442-7025 and get your name on the waiting list in case there are cancellations or if they find a way to expand their maximum capacity.

If you do get a spot, it’s $5 per vehicle (no one needs to hide in the trunk) and the fee includes a special treat for each car.

Thank you to all who responded by phone, in person, or wrote a note in response to my column of June 3. Aren’t we lucky to be able to express our opinions whether it is agreed upon or not, it is our right and is worth defending. Those people who took the time to contact me, you got it.

Next week you will learn what the plans are for Riverside and the Fourth of July. The Friends of the Fourth are keeping their word to maintain the celebration.