Crews from the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad installed plastic bollards with reflective tape at all grade crossings in Riverside, including the Delaplaine Road crossing (above) on June 11. | Photo courtesy of the Riverside Police Department

The Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad has installed reflective bollards along all Riverside grade crossings, which the village’s police chief hopes will cut down on the number of incidents where drivers, impaired and otherwise, drive onto the railroad tracks.

Police Chief Thomas Weitzel requested the bollards be installed at all grade crossings back in 2018. The railroad had installed high-visibility bollards at the Longcommon Road/Riverside Road grade crossing back in 2015.

BNSF crews installed the new white plastic bollards with reflective striping on June 11 at the Cowley Road, Delaplaine Road and Harlem Avenue grade crossings.

“The bollards will definitely make out roadways safer and are a tremendous improvement,” Weitzel said in a press release. “Even though many times the drivers who drive on the railroad tracks are impaired, these devices will certainly assist in keeping any motorist from driving on the railroad tracks. I will also assist with any confusion at nighttime, when there is very little light in the area and the roadways are dark.”