Four men seen chasing a man out of North Riverside Park Mall, 7501 Cermak Road, and kicking him while he lay on the ground on July 8 at about 6:05 p.m. each face a felony charge of mob action.

According to the police report, the fight started inside the mall. During the scuffle, someone knocked over a garbage can which led some shoppers to believe someone had fired a gun, setting off a brief panic.

Shoppers could be seen quickly exiting the shopping center and running to their cars, while police received 911 calls of shots fired. Investigators said there was no evidence a gun was involved in the incident.

A North Riverside police officer outside the mall reported seeing a man run out of Entrance 2 on the east side of the mall near Sears and fall down. Four men who ran out of the mall behind him then began kicking him, police said, before entering a Nissan Altima in the parking lot.

The victim was bleeding from the mouth, police said, but refused medical attention and left the scene before he could be interviewed.

Meanwhile, police were able to detain all four men without incident in the parking lot. Charged with mob action were Keith Funches, 26; Keon Funches 26; and Percy McCann, 25, all of Chicago and Kiwahn Crawford, 26, of Carbondale.