am an avid newspaper reader; I read it every day, some good stuff some not so good. My job today will to write you a feel-good column.

Do you ever lose the TV remote? Of course, and whose fault is it, with only two of us here? I knew it wasn’t me. After numerous prayers to St. Anthony, finder of lost things, I purchased a new remote. 

Being technologically limited, I attempted and succeeded in completing the task of setting it up. I’m proud of myself but not yet ready to join the Geek Squad. Next day, the other person in the house misused the new remote and things were askew. When I regained my composure, I was able to, after many attempts, reset the remote. Guess who’s in charge now?

I also decided to go through those recipes that I have been cutting out with intention of making the dishes. Threw out many since I don’t have all the ingredients. Wish they would package small quantities of some items so you don’t have to purchase a pound when you only need two tablespoons. 

So let’s go on to other food subjects.

Have you noticed there seems to be a resurgence of grilled cheese sandwich recipes accompanied by tomato soup? Now, I’m not talking about the Kraft singles on Wonder Bread grilled cheese with Campbell’s tomato soup that we had on Fridays when we couldn’t eat meat. 

I’m talking real grilled cheese sandwiches. Save yourself the trouble of making it and go to Chew Chew or Sawmilly to get a grilled cheese. It is the best and you know you deserve the best. The bread is hearty and has a light crunch. When you bite into it, the cheese just melts in your mouth.

For dessert, how about some S’mores? You don’t need to roast a marshmallow on a stick over a fire. You can make them anywhere, many ways and easy. I’m finding many recipes. 

The basic ingredients are the same and the gooey consistency is still there, no matter how they are made. My friend Teresa Hall says she has an easy recipe, which I need to get. Of course, she can feel free to make them for me anytime, next to her lemon bars. If I get the recipe I will be glad to share.

In the meantime, I will continue to sort, save and toss recipes and make room for more recipes I probably won’t make. And I’m making sure I keep the remote close at hand.