Anyone who would like to leave a crime tip for Riverside police can do so, anonymously, by sending information to a newly established email –

Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said he decided to establish the crime tip email address to simplify connecting people who have information with the department’s two detectives.

“People have been using the detectives’ village emails and sending messages to them personally,” said Weitzel. “I thought I should create something where people could comfortably remain anonymous.”

Emails to the crime tip address are automatically forwarded to both detectives, who can contact the sender, if desired. If not, Weitzel said senders don’t need to provide any other information.

“There are some people who don’t want to make a police report, just leave a tip,” Weitzel said. “I thought this was a very easy way to do that.”

Weitzel said anyone sending an email to the crime tip address should give as much information about the suspected criminal activity or information about criminal activity that police are investigating.

“Your tip should include your suspicions, what you believe is taking place and where and when the activity took place or is taking place,” Weitzel said via a press release announcing the new email on Aug. 14. “Dates and times are very helpful. If person(s) and/or vehicles are involved, please include names, physical descriptions of persons or vehicles and license plate numbers.”

People should not use the email address to report emergencies, crimes in progress or any other incident requiring an immediate police response. In those instances, people should dial 911.

Bob Uphues