There are the Hatfields and the McCoys, the Montagues and the Capulets, the North and the South, the Democrats and the Republicans. However, one of the longest running feuds — and I say that because I can’t think of a better word — is the feud that exists between Cubs and the Sox fans.

I and most of my family are Cubs fans. I don’t know why, we just are. My mother took the grandkids to the games and loved to sit in the bleachers (notice I said grandkids). We seemed to plan a lot of our summer TV watching around the team. Our children proudly wore Cubs gear. 

As it happened, not all the kids in the neighborhood were Cubs fans. There were some vehement Sox fans and they let you know it. Now, I can root for the Sox and be happy for their wins, except when they play the Cubs, yes. But Sox fans cannot root for the Cubs. 

It wasn’t unusual for mom to step in every once in a while and proclaim, “It’s only a game!” Crosstown classic time was an exceedingly tense time, and we won’t discuss this past weekend. My “W” didn’t fly as often as it should have.

Even as an adult I’m cautious. Recently, when I encountered a friend wearing a Sox mask, I was relieved I was not wearing my Cubs mask, thus avoiding any possible discussion. Some things are better left unsaid, although I am proud to be a Cub fan.

Granted, this has been an unusual season, so all teams have excuses (and I hope Chris Bryant’s finger gets better, soon). I applaud my favorite Tribune sports columnist Paul Sullivan, who was able to put out a daily column when there were no games and kept me in touch with what or wasn’t happening. He writes column every day when I sometimes have a problem coming up with 400 words once a week. 

All in all, the friendly rivalry — weird season or not — will continue. Just remember: may your words be tender, because you may have to eat them tomorrow. Go Cubs!

Sports trivia question: Do you know who the first ball girl for the Sox was? She was the ball girl at the last night game in the old park and the ball girl for the first game in the new park. Think!