Just two days after a student at Riverside-Brookfield High School tested positive for COVID-19, an employee at the school has now also tested positive. Employees were informed of the positive test late Thursday afternoon in an email from Assistant Superintendent Kristin Smetana.

“We have recently been informed that an employee has tested positive for COVID-19,” Smetana wrote in an email sent to staff that was obtained by the Landmark. “Based upon an interview with the employee (following the CDC guidelines), we do not believe any additional employees are at an increased risk. Nevertheless, the employee has chosen to notify his/his department. Additionally, any areas throughout the building that the employee may have been in are being deep cleaned tonight.”

The student who tested positive for COVID-19 was a junior who was inside the school for a half-day orientation session Aug. 19. Smetana told the Landmark that the employee who tested positive had no contact with the student who tested positive.

“The staff member had no contact with that student,” Smetana said in an email to the Landmark. “It is unrelated.”

Smetana said she found out about the employee’s positive test at 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 27.

Students are all doing remote learning from home, but RBHS teachers have been instructed to come to the school every day to teach from their classrooms and have been doing so.