First let me make the situation clear. I am the father of one of the District 96 board members and what follows is my opinion only and should not appear to reflect upon my son.

These are my opinions of the statements made by one of the board members.

1. The lease was one sided and was a taxpayer giveaway.

It takes two people to tango (sign a lease). If it is a taxpayer giveaway why did the district sign the lease? They should be looking out for our interests. I doubt $1 per year is a taxpayer loss. I think HCA should have demanded more.

2. HCA is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money.

In this era of exaggerated statements, please put a paper and pencil to the numbers that make up this statement.

You are only expanding the existing driveway 8 feet not building a tollway.

As for better parking for HCA, I thought the parking was being improved for both HCA and principally District, 96 since they want to use part of the existing parking lot for expansion of the school.

Oh, before we go crazy with any school expansion in any district, lets’ think about the current situation we are in with COVID-19. Does remote learning require larger schools? Maybe just bigger houses.

As for an improved playground for HCA, I always thought it was an improvement for District 96? Yes the residents should be entitled to use it. It’s our money

3. More legal protection for HCA.  

Go back to item 1. Takes two to tango. Why did District 96 sign off on such a supposed one-side agreement? Check with your lawyers.

4. As for right-of-first-refusal, folks, it is HCA land and they can do what they feel is in their best interest.

Paul Marhoul


Kindness and understanding
still very much alive

I must write about my experience on Thursday, Aug. 18. I called my brothers to please join me for lunch anywhere, as I had to get out of the house for a while. I live alone after losing my husband of almost 50 years of marriage.

Well, we went to Tony’s Restaurant in Brookfield on Ogden Avenue and had a delicious lunch. When we finally went to pay the bill, I grabbed the bag on the counter, thinking it was my leftovers.

I had no idea my brother had my bag until we got to the parking lot. When I saw that I had taken someone else’s food, I hurried back to return it. The gal at the register said they could not take the food back and to keep it or they would have to toss it in the garbage.

After I got home, it still bothered me that I had taken something that didn’t belong to me. I jumped in my car and drove back to Tony’s to insist on paying for the extra food, and they still refused any payment. They told me to accept it as a gift. They were very kind and understanding and told me to please just enjoy and come back again.

In this day and age, I did not expect such understanding and kindness. With this COVID-19 closing so many businesses, I did not expect them to take a loss, but they did with a smile.

I must say I am old enough to recognize good people. Since they would not accept any payment for my error, hopefully this will give them some good publicity and let the people know that there are still good people in the world.

Thank you Tony’s Restaurant, and I will be back again.

Eleanor Metheny