A student at Brook Park School in LaGrange Park has tested positive for COVID -19 and has been instructed to quarantine at home. 

Brookfield-LaGrange Park School District 95 Superintendent Mark Kuzniewski delivered the news to Brook Park parents on Sept. 14 after being informed of the student’s positive test the night before. 

The student had already been staying away from school since Sept. 4, because a parent had tested positive for COVID-19.

“A Brook Park student that was on quarantine already because she was in close contact with a parent who had tested positive and during the quarantine she had a positive test,” Kuzniewski told the Landmark on Monday evening. “We notified all the Brook Park community of the issue and then we notified that classroom.”

Kuzniewski said that the student was in a morning hybrid session but declined to say which class the student was in. No other students in the class have been directed to quarantine.

“We’ve kept social distancing, and we don’t believe that there’s a close contact and that there’s a reason to shut down that section, particularly given that the child has been gone for 10 days already,” Kuzniewski said.

The district has also reported the positive test to the Cook County Department of Public Health and is awaiting a response.

The student will have to stay away from school until at least Sept. 27.

“Now she’s on a new quarantine which is its own,” Kuzniewski said. “Fourteen days is the minimum that she would be quarantined.”

Kuzniewski said that he didn’t know if the student had any symptoms.

During quarantine the student can participate in the remote portion of her hybrid learning plan and can study reading and math using MobyMax, an online learning system.

The student’s positive test is the first COVID-19 case in District 95, which began classes on Aug. 26, though it probably won’t be the last. 

“We’ll just continue to handle each case that comes up,” Kuzniewski said. “They all have unique circumstances.”