This is for all you foodies out there who are looking for eateries with an international flair, and it’s right here in Riverside. So, let’s go on our tour of Riverside restaurants.

Starting out at Mollie’s Public House, located at 31 Forest Ave., you can find the atmosphere of an Irish pub. You can choose from a menu that features Irish and American dishes and draft beers all while enjoying lively Irish music.

Right next store at 25 Forest Ave. is La Estancia, a family-run place featuring authentic Mexican food. You can get a quick bite with a taco or two, sopes, burritos and other traditional favorites, or you can get a full dinner and a margarita.

Crossing Longcommon Road on the corner of Burlington and Longcommon is La Barra, which boasts an Italian menu with some dishes that are right out of Nona’s kitchen.  Riverside-raised Pat Leone heads up the restaurant. 

Look for the braciole and polenta, with sauce (yes, sauce) that smacks of homemade and authenticity. Start out with Labriola bread dipped in olive oil and cheese. That and a glass of wine, and you are good to go. Tuesday is buy one/get one pasta or pizza.

Across the street from La Barra, at 7 E. Burlington St, is Empanadus, which serves up empanadas. Did you know that is an Argentinian dish? You can treat yourself to your choice of the ‘hand pies’ filled with beef, spinach and cheese, mushroom and onions, even apples and cinnamon. They are freshly made daily.

Move on down to The Chew Chew at 33. E Burlington, a restaurant that has been here in town over 20 years. Featuring a seasonal menu that is American contemporary with daily specials and longtime favorites. We’re always there on Thursday night for oysters.

Looking for a lunch option? Next door to Chew Chew is its sister restaurant, Sawmilly, which serves up great sandwiches.

All Riverside restaurants are following protocols and are set up for outdoor eating or carry out. Children are always welcome. 

So put on you mask, wash your hands, take a break from cooking and enjoy cuisine from another country right here in ‘River City.” You won’t have to drive far and there’s free parking. 

Another plus, you will be supporting local businesses who have been working hard to keep it going during a tough time.