We are all doing different and even somewhat strange things during this COVID period, but if we talk with others we find that we are not alone in many cases as to what we do.

At our house, ensconced in our La-Z-Boys, we have been watching a lot of TV, reading, working crossword puzzles, doing word searches and, of course, eating.

Our TV selections have gone past our regular viewing, sometimes I am happy that “Law and Order” (the one with Mariska Hargitay) is on at almost all hours and “Family Feud” with Steve Harvey seems to be capturing a lot of TV time. In regards to “Family Feud,” have you ever asked yourself who in your family you would select to be part of your team? 

Talking with others I found that many of us like to watch the “oldies.” How about “Gunsmoke,” “The Big Valley,” “Dragnet” and “Highway Patrol”? Yeah, lots of you are watching them, too. 

Now I notice how many people smoked in those programs and how the cowboys never lose their hats during a fight. As for “Father Knows Best” and “Leave it to Beaver,” my dad never sat around in his jacket when he came home from work like the dads in those programs. Things were great in Mayberry, but do you think Opie (Ron Howard) could have dreamed he would grow up to be an Academy Award-winning director?

I’ve also been watching a lot of the Hallmark Mystery station. I love it! Nothing like waking up at 3 a.m. and watching “Magnum P.I.” with Tom Selleck, followed by “Matlock” with Andy Griffith and preceded by “Murder She Wrote” with Angela Lansbury. Sort of makes the insomnia bearable.

Also like to check the casts to see who may have gone on to fame and stardom.  George Clooney was one of those. And aren’t you able to sing some of the theme songs?  Or know the catch phrases from some of the commercials?

Vote! If you haven’t voted yet by mail or aren’t sure about early voting, I encourage you to consider either one. Those are the safest ways, particularly mailing your ballot. The early voting polling place at Brookfield Village Hall is large and has plenty of room.

If you wait until Election Day, you may have to chance places like Riverside Township Precinct 8 at Blythe Park School. It’s in a small library; not the best. 

Check out your where your polling place is at cookcountyclerk.com/service/polling-places to see if it is a large and safe enough venue. Want you to vote and want you to be safe.