I was disheartened to read your article about the RBHS hybrid learning system that is about to begin “RBHS previews hybrid plan in advance of rollout,” News, Oct. 14. 

As a former RBHS teacher of almost four decades, I can understand the frustration of remote learning. I cannot imagine the difficulty teachers must be having trying to motivate teenagers via online methods, but isn’t the health of students, staff and RB families more important? 

Teens do not stay away from each other outside of the classroom. New Trier High School and the Glenbrook high schools have already had COVID outbreaks and had to return to remote learning. 

Infections and positivity rates are not going down. The weather is getting cooler and more indoor gatherings are certain to take place.

 Maybe RBHS can take a hint from its feeder district, District 96, which will be conducting rapid saliva testing to whomever wants it. Testing all who enter is the only way to keep everyone safe.

I hope the school board and administration will tie massive testing to any in-person learning.

Jan Goldberg