Brookfield police reunited a 4-year-old boy with his parents after he opened the front door of his home during the early morning hours of Oct. 24 while the rest of the household was asleep and wandered away.

A woman driving to work at about 4:45 a.m. called police when she saw the child, barefoot and wearing only pajamas, walking by himself in the 3800 block of Prairie Avenue.

A Brookfield police officer responded and placed the child in his squad car to warm up. The child reportedly could not tell the officer what his address was, and so the officer began driving the child around the area to attempt to find his home.

At one point the child pointed out an apartment building as the one where his grandfather lived, and police began canvassing the area to see if they could make contact with a relative.

At around 6 a.m., police were able to locate the boy’s grandfather, who confirmed the boy was his grandchild. The man then contacted the boy’s parents, who were able to pick up their son from the police department at about 6:25 a.m.

They told police they were asleep and were unaware the boy had left. Only after getting the phone call from the boy’s grandfather did they observe that the front door was open.

“We are very thankful that the boy was unharmed and reunited with his family quickly,” said Brookfield Deputy Police Chief Michael Kuruvilla. “Officers that investigated this incident determined that it was purely accidental in nature as the parents did not know he had left their house, and it is their belief that this was not a result of neglect of any kind.”