Are you a Riverside resident who wants a tangible way to show how proud you are to live here? Well, the village is providing a way for you to put its logo right up in everyone’s face.

On Nov. 10, the village announced it was adding facemasks to its line of Riverside-centric apparel available for purchase on the village’s website. The Riverside logo, featuring the water tower and leafdy tree, is emblazoned on the left side of the black cloth face mask, which can be laundered and air dried.

Masks are being sold for $10 and have been so popular that the initial run of masks sold out within a day of being announced. They’re still being produced, however, so you can still order one, though you may have to wait for up to three weeks while the shelves are restocked.

You can place your order by clicking here. Call 708-447-2700 with any questions.