Riverside Public Library, 1 Burling Road, which had already switched to a curbside service model due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, was forced to shut down operations entirely on Friday, at least temporarily, due to some leaky water pipes.

The pipes are probably original to the building, which is 90 years old, and are located in a lower-level storage room immediately below the front entrance area of the library.

According to library Director Janice Foley, the water leak is not related to the ongoing renovation of the library’s lower level. And while the storage room is packed with items due to that renovation, nothing of value has been damaged, Foley said.

But, because water service had to be shut off to the building, the library can’t operate until the pipes are fixed. Foley said she may get an estimate for the repairs as early as Saturday, but there’s chance the library may stay closed into early next week.

“There is a possibility that we could stay closed for more than tomorrow,” Foley said.