Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Not! As I write this column it is snowing. Again. Is it pretty? Yes, but enough is enough. 

So far the record snowfall dates back to Jan. 26-27, 1967 when in one day 23 inches fell. I remember it well and am content to let that record stay. 

We got through it; we always seem to. We were living with my parents in Riverside with our son, Michael. My dad made it out the driveway to go to work, but Husband Joe did not. So he stayed home and got to shovel.

Now as I recall we had enough food in the house and my mom was creative with what was on the shelves. For some reason or another, she always had cans of tuna fish and for that same reason, whatever it is, I always have tuna fish in the house. It is one of the essentials. It is good cold or hot, particularly in a tuna casserole, which is another reason to have cans of cream of mushroom soup on hand.

So here we are in 2021, looking at snow and at the mercy of a pandemic — not a good combination. So I am contemplating some of the positives: we can stay home, we have tuna fish and toilet paper. Having toilet paper and tuna are what I am calling the essential “Ts.” 

The daily newspaper has made it, so I can read it cover to cover, as I do the Landmark, our garage is attached, and we can enjoy the beautiful look of our backyard through the windows in our TV room. 

We are enjoying the birds who are thankful we have plenty of seed; the squirrels are also grateful. We are watching lots of old-time TV (in black and white) – “Gunsmoke,” “Columbo,” “Starsky and Hutch” to name a few. They are corny but relaxing.

While I’m at the computer I’m going to look up more tuna recipes, Lent starts Wednesday, which means more fish. We celebrated Mardi Gras at The Chew Chew and it was great, as was the Hurricane I drank. 

Actually I have been busy, but I can be busy without all this snow. Enough already!