They didn’t give me a sucker, but they did give me a sticker which I proudly wear after receiving my first vaccine shot. I had registered myself and Husband Joe when the state first announced Phase 1B of the vaccine rollout, and I began looking for where to get the shot. 

As more places opened up it appeared it would be easier, they said. I was told the best time to find a place was to get on the computer during the night when it wasn’t as busy. I was not always diligent doing that, though I believed it would happen and it did. 

Seems our daughter-in-law Pam had made it her quest to get Grammy and Poppy their shots. Good job, Pam! She made appointments for us at the Cook County clinic on Harlem Avenue in North Riverside in just a few days.

I decided on my left arm for shot No. 1. Shot No. 2 will go on my right arm, just to balance them out. 

Parking was a breeze and we entered the building to be greeted by the National Guard and people from FEMA. Moving right along, I was impressed by the efficiency. I was more impressed by the young lady who administered the shot, because I didn’t feel a thing. She said she had given around 3,000 shots already. We’ll see how shot No. 2 goes.  I’m thinking positive.

Where you go for the vaccine is not as important as that you get it, and the sooner the better. I met a woman who said she was going to the United Center for her shot. I told her of places closer to home, but she was set on getting it at the United Center. Gee, lady, it’s not like Michael Jordan will be dispensing the shots.

As for the masks, I still intend to wear mine; they are becoming for me a fashion statement. Husband Joe wears the regular blue ones, no statement there, and he tends to misplace them anyway, so better he not have a fancy one. 

I encourage you all to keep wearing the masks just to be safe. Keep washing your hands, which is a good habit anyway. How many times did our moms tell us to wash our hands? I can remember my mom having to remind us to wash both sides, because it looked like we had gloves on. As usual, mom was right.

So the sun is shining, the snow has melted and there are brighter days ahead if we work together and make sure we all get vaccinated. Stay safe!