Julie Swinehart

I’m pleased to introduce myself today – I’m Julie Swinehart, one of the candidates running for the Lyons Township High School District 204 School Board. I decided to run because I would love to bring my financial expertise, love of the school, leadership experience, collaborative nature and both listening and decision-making skills to the LT school board. 

I’m a parent of a current LT sophomore and incoming freshmen twins, and my three children will be third generation LT Lions, as I graduated in 1993 and my mom was in the Class of 1958. I’m an active and committed member of the community who has a demonstrated history of volunteering and giving back to the local area in many ways.

If elected, I would work diligently to understand the school’s budgeting process, both for the annual operating budget and for the longer-term capital budget. It’s critically important that LT act as stewards of taxpayer dollars and the School Board plays a primary role in that effort. 

I’m extremely comfortable with numbers as I currently serve as CFO and treasurer of publicly traded commercial real estate company, RPAI. We are a shopping center owner and operator and my role covers various areas of the business, but largely focuses on finance, accounting and internal controls.

I’m passionate about diversity and would work hard to further the efforts the current school board has undertaken. I recognize the board’s recent approval of an equity statement, and I would encourage advancing the dialogue and putting more steps into action to move LT along the right path. 

My wife, Andrea Hornickle, and I have always supported diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. In fact, we started a scholarship at LT called the PRISM Pride Scholarship for a graduating senior who has been active in LT’s LGBTQ+ PRISM group. I have some great ideas as to how the school board can influence positive change in this area and I’m ready to share them.

Finally, in the near term, I would work with the rest of the school board to guide the LT administration team in its efforts to fully re-open the school safely. My leadership experience in my day job as CFO, my past experience serving as treasurer and also president of the LaGrange Field Club, and my current experience serving as assistant treasurer and trustee for The Avery Coonley School Board of Trustees allow me to bring years of relevant experience to the role. 

The Avery Coonley School has been operating all year as full-day, in-person learning five days per week. We worked hard as a board to plan for being fully open, and I’m happy to bring many of those ideas to LT. When all students can be safely back in person at LT, that will be a day to celebrate.

Please contact me through my website at www.swinehartlths.com and thank you!

Julie Swinehart is a candidate running for a seat on the Lyons Township High School District 204 Board of Education.