Frank Savaglio

We have all been through some troubling times together throughout the last year or so. School being canceled and having to make the decision of in person or remote learning for our children has not made it any easier. 

As a board member and parent of a Komarek student, my concerns were for all the children within our district as well as my own. I spoke to neighbors and friends and could see their concerns as I told them mine as well. 

Through it all, I always felt like we would get through it together, as we always have. I am proud to do my part as a community member by serving on the school board. The most important resource this or any community has is its children. They are the future. 

Moving forward, we are in the beginning stages of an enormous building renovation project in which our community has become invested and committed. I am so excited that we will finally have a new building for our wonderful students and staff to enjoy, it is long overdue.

Throughout my time as a District 94 school board member, I have come to appreciate the responsibility placed upon me by the community. I have strived to do my best to keep the integrity of board business intact while trying to alleviate any concerns community members may have. 

The picture that is the remainder of the school year does not look clear right now, but as usual, we will get through it together. Whether for another month or four more years, you can count on me to continue to treat every issue I encounter as a school board member with the utmost care. 

These are decisions that literally affect the future of our community. It has been an honor for me to serve such a wonderful community as a school board member. I ask for your support and the opportunity to continue to serve you all. Go Wildcats!

Frank Savaglio is a candidate running for a seat on the Komarek School District 94 Board of Education.